I don't Name my Campaigns any more. :P

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I don't Name my Campaigns any more. :P

Postby forvrin » Wed Oct 08, 2008 10:40 am

We're sitting down tomorrow night after a one off last week where we ran some risks and had a duel. It was okay, but there were rules problems. We've spent the week reading up and talking characters, rules, etc.

So, this is how play's going to break down.

We're going to open with Season Actions, Steps 1, 2, and 3. Then we're going to go into Stories, where, through discussing our Season Action, and the GM's discretion, we'll tie our Stories to the Actions. For example, after we do the Season Action steps, we'll be clearing the orks out of one of the player's ruins in order to spend a season action to convert it to a puzzle house.

After 3 stories or so, we'll get to step 4 of the Season Action, and then start 1, 2, and 3, going again.

Should be fun.

Second Session

Postby forvrin » Fri Oct 10, 2008 7:45 am

Last night was the second Session, the first being a week previous, and sort of an Unaired Pilot for the game. We have 5 players in the group, with myself and another guy trading Narratorship.

The characters are:

Narcis, blooded of the Fox, a dandy with a drug habit, lover
Shinobi Trimara of House Wolf, a semi-Unshalaven from deep in the mountains, lover of combat
Bajinoth Thali, Blooded of the Falcon, Narcis' wife, and the dominant partner, lover of contracts, negotiation, and power.
Gryndil Mwrr, House Serpent, Narcis' brother, lover of the Ancient That Which Should Not Be Known.
Fayleen Drew, blooded of the Wolf, Lover of his dead Twin Sister.

The Session opened with Season Actions, planning and the like. Then we had a scene wherein Shinobi and Bajinoth worked out a year's contract. Shinobi got screwed, the contract works like this: Bajinoth and Shinobi are contacts. Each will use their contact action to do something in the domain of the other; Shinobi will explore Baj's regions, and Baj will spend her action building his infrastructure. For his season actions, she is going to give him 3 luxuries. In return, she gets half his resources.

Like I said, screwed.

Afterward, Fayleen used the fact that Bajinoth was stressed from just finishing a contract to put her in ANOTHER risk, this time over the plan to go on an Ork Hunt in Gryndal's Ruin. Fayleen managed to secure a favor in return for him bringing his guard on the trip.

Once that was accomplished, we headed into the Swamp of Bitter Tears, where immediate Narcis got sidetracked and went drug hunting. A wisdom risk later, and he not only found drugs, but also gifts for his brother and wife: a broken mile marker dating from the Sorcerer Kings for Gryndil, and a rare red orchid for Baj. This immediately turned into the beginning of a Romance for Narcis and Baj. Cool.

Then we got to the ruins, had a mass murder where my Naga Orks failed and I got no wagers. :( They were brutally slaughtered.

Question: Do you choose a single Ven in a Vassal Band to do a Rank 5 Injury, or do you choose a Rank of your Vassal Band (10 men) to do that injury?

Once past the orks and into the tower, Shinobi and Bajinoth got into a duel of words; I should have pushed for an Insult game, but I didn't. Need to remember that. Shinobi triggered a trap and took a rank 3 injury. Narcis recovered the blood from the trap while everyone else was paying attention to other things.

We fought another Ork. Tried to use Duel, but really, Orks are for Mass Murder. We switched to Mass Murder once I realized I made a mistake. Both Shinobi and Bajinoth took Rank 5 injuries, and I gave them Scars; I payed THEM the 5 style points, and gave them the option to refuse. Both Leapt at it: Baj is one eyed now, and Shinobi one handed. We made a risk to see who got the other Artifact point; it was agreed before hand that Gryndil would get 1 point as lord of the ruins, and the other point would be decided by Risk.

Shinobi pulled out all the stops (and spent a ton of style) and managed to win the risk w/ 1 wager. As Privilege, he stated "I get the artifact point" -- a mechanical arm attached to a skeleton, that had been dragging the corpse in a circle since the fall of the Sorcerer Kings. He opted to go first, and spent his first Wager: "Gryndil agrees to research it for me."

I spent my wager: "But he lies about its capabilities."
Narcis Spent his Wager: "And it is the wrong Arm."

So. Wagers rock. Next time we play, it will be at a party. Fayleen will be creepy. Narcis will be drugged. I imagine that something bloody will happen between Baj and Shinobi.

Rock on.
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Re: I don't Name my Campaigns any more. :P

Postby Nihilistic Mind » Sun Oct 12, 2008 5:56 pm

Sounds cool, don't forget to keep us up to date on your game! :)
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Re: I don't Name my Campaigns any more. :P

Postby adidasfiend » Mon Oct 13, 2008 11:58 am

The wrong arm!!!! thats outstanding!
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Re: I don't Name my Campaigns any more. :P

Postby Narcis » Tue Oct 14, 2008 8:23 am

Thank you.

I waffled a bit before doing it because it was such a dicky thing to do, but in the end, I could not resist.
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Re: I don't Name my Campaigns any more. :P

Postby Snag » Tue Oct 14, 2008 8:33 am

That is pretty awesome. But on the bright side, he can now scratch his stomach and shoulders at the same time.
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Re: I don't Name my Campaigns any more. :P

Postby JohnWick » Tue Oct 14, 2008 9:32 am

Narcis wrote:Thank you.

I waffled a bit before doing it because it was such a dicky thing to do, but in the end, I could not resist.

This is a good example of judgment use in Good Form/Bad Form.

When reading the text, my immediate response was to say "Bad Form" on the wrong arm wager. The arm would have been very cool--and very fitting in ven literature--and seems a little too close to dickery (a term I've learned to love from my current Saturday game).

But if the attitude of the group was, "Cool!", then I let it go. Not everything is a hard and fast rule. Sometimes, it depends on the attitude and taste of the group.
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Re: I don't Name my Campaigns any more. :P

Postby Khuxan » Sat Oct 18, 2008 3:11 pm

I'm using the "wrong arm" wager as an example to get my gaming group intrigued by Houses of the Blooded. It's going well so far.
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Re: I don't Name my Campaigns any more. :P

Postby forvrin » Thu Oct 23, 2008 8:39 pm

So, had another session.

We ended resolved the Spring Season of Year 1 with some scars, some resources, and each of our characters intending in some manner to screw over the other.

Then we advanced to summer, and the Midsummer festival at Count Monvolo Uvan's Ashkava'lowan Krivan, The Sunken Blossoms Palace.

Three Things about Monvolo Uvan
* He loves the game of Stones. He is famous for his devotion to it.
*He never is without his sword.
*His Castle, Askava'lowan Krivan, is situated on a remote island accessible only via undersea tunnels.

The party began with a receiving line. Both Gryndil and Shinobi self compelled aspects to cause them to give unsuitable gifts. As a result, they got the aspect "bufoon" with a tag and compel for the rest of the party. The rest of us vied for the best gift, with Bajinoth achieving priority. Fayleen had 3 dice left for wagers, and we managed to have two paralel narratives arrive from the gifts.

First, we described our gifts.
* Shinobi gave a ork trophy. He's an uncultured lout. He thinks that is somehow fitting?
* Gryndil gave a book about recluses. I mean, somone with this secluded a castle must be a recluse. He'd like reading about other recluses, right?
* Narcil and Bajinoth gave a case of Narcil's Twilight Vineyards best vintage, from the time of Narsil's parents.
* Fayleen gave an enameled iron rose, beautifully colored and nigh lifelike.

Then we got to wagers.
Bajinoth got privilege. "My gift is favored above all."
I got the first wager. "My gift is actually for his beautiful daughter." Fayleen is unmarried, and Baj and Narcil want him married to Narcil's sister.
Baj's wager, "Who is actually Married to a vicious Wolf."
Of course, I had to go with it, "Who has a claim of True Pain against me."
The rest of the wagers had to do with Baj's gift, and how lovely it was, and it uncovered a potential aspect: Lush on the count.

From one risk, my gift took on 3 distinct and mutually conflicting meanings. 1) It was a gift for the Count. Then, because I lost, I shifted it the beginnings of a marriage proposal. Then, because of the way the wagers turned out, it shifted again into a deliciously underhanded slap in the face of the Wolf, who wasn't even present in the ROOM.

Tag: Tag in a social risk by bringing up their faux pas.
Compel: In order to react in a way that leads to further faux pas.

Then Fayleen and Bajinoth, two scheming little ven, had a discussion, where they agreed in innuendo and half smiles to arrange for a little entertainment. Fayleen lost the Cunning risk, so of course, he was the one who had to arrange it. Off he went to Shinobi, beginning a second Cunning risk by saying to him, "Shinobi, I just want you to know that I heard what Baron Gaylin of Ty-Falimon said about you, and I don't believe a word about it." Now that I think about it, it should have been a beauty risk. Will remember next time. But any way, I got him to go over and smack the Wolf, and the two had the beginnings of a duel, until the wolf blew his courage roll and shinobi sent him scurrying away in shame.

Some things about this:

Everyone at the party knows Fayleen manipulated Shinobi into this (except for Shinobi).

The Wolf is the brother of the Wolf who wants Fayleen dead.

The last scene of the night took place before the Opera, where it was discovered that Duke Amadon Ru was present in order to pick up his tribute from his Vassal, the count, and the count did not have the tribute ready. The Count had an artifact he was willing to trade for the resources needed, and was going to trade it to Gryndil. Baj stepped in and managed to fenagle a contract with the Count with the following stipulations.

*Bajinoth becomes the Count's Vassal in return for the artifact.

*The Count will support Bajinoth's rise to Marquis.

*Fayleen must become the Count's Vassal as well, or die.

*Bajinoth has access to the Count's Secret Army.

*Shinobi will become Bajinoth's vassal, and become the Count's General.

*The count will support a marriage between Narcis' sister and Fayleen.

And that was all for the night. I'll post more if I think about it.

Re: I don't Name my Campaigns any more. :P

Postby forvrin » Thu Nov 06, 2008 9:16 pm

The Party Continues!

The party ended last session with an opera, and everyone spent some style to pick characters out of the opera. A lot of people were spending style for other characters. Again, not exactly by the book, but awesome.

We had a couple of scenes, one where Shinobi started and screwed up a romance, then started another, another scene where Fayleen was recruited into the Count's vassalage by Bajinoth and Narcis. There were a lot of beauty risks, and some fun thoughts were hashed out.

I had planned an ambush of Shinobi by the family of the guy he humiliated the day before, but it didn't work out. We ended with a claim of True Pain, and the Court being called on the first day of the new season at the Senate. So we'll finish our second season actions, and the next story arc will be at the Senate.

I'm digging the game, but I really want more dice. I think I'm gonna look at a lot ways to build free aspects to tag, by discovering and / or declaring aspects on the scene over the course of a couple of risks, and then engaging in the actual contested risk.

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