Malik Anarathi

"We are either tools, or weapons."

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Malik Anarathi

Postby Baron Sendar » Tue Aug 23, 2011 9:07 pm

Public: Malik
Family: Anarathi
Secret: Gendrakshar

Father, Blooded of the Wolf, Marquis (Deceased), Maik Adrente
Mother, Blooded of the Falcon, Countess

Second Child (Older Brother)

1.) My mother knows the name of the Storm, and has shared it with me.
2.) My father was assassinated by a Serpent.
3.) My lands were wrested from an overly ambitious cousin who got too greedy.

Strength: 2
Cunning: 4
Courage: 3
Beauty: W
Wisdom: 2
Wolf: 4

"Steel Tells No Lies" (Artisan: Blacksmith)

"My Blade Speaks For Me" (Duelist)

Falvren Dyr, Rank 3
Blessings: I Am The Weapon (p. 323), Your Fear Is My Ally (p. 324), Teeth and Claws (p. 323)

Army, Rank 3, "Blade of Anarathi"
Caravan, Rank 1
Staff, Rank 2, "Hand of Anarathi"
Personal Guard, Rank 2, "Shield of Anarathi"

Province of Getly
The Crimson Citadel (Castle, Rank 2)
Deminar (Village, Rank 2)
Gladden Fields (Farm, Rank 3)
Mount Aurak (Mountain, Rank 2)
Plagued Lands (Swamp, Rank 1)
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